Site Build It and Newbies = Me feeling kinda sad...


I kind of feel like a hypocrite, since here I was proclaiming that I would maybe revive this here abandoned blog and turn the focus away from online marketing to more of a focus on small and easy ways to save your self some money online.

So I go and make this decision public and what is the next thing that I do? I decide to comment here about a recent post I came across by an acquaintance by the name of Lissie; now Lissie has a blog about how to earn passive income online and I have to admit that I dont frequent it as often as I should (my bad) but this time I was tipped off to a post that she had recently put together concerning an IM package called Site Build It, (Site Build It Scam Review)that basically gives you the tools to build a website, host it and help promote it. All of this for around $300 per year. Now my natural inclination is to always do things on the cheap as much as possible because I am not a wealthy man and the idea of signing on to a commitment like that would therefore never appeal to me. I had barely even heard of SBI before, so Lissie's post was interesting to me - especially because I read it after she had added a few updates to it.The short of it is this: SBI as a program does offer you a website and hosting and support to help you market your single site, but that all comes at a cost of around $300 like I said. I just can't help but feel a bit sad, knowing that there are a large number of people out there new to internet marketing that would see advertising for SBI early on in their entry into IM and figure that that is as erasy and painless as it is going to get for them; I cant help but wonder if there are too many people out there willing to throw away their last $300 to spare hoping and praying that this is going to work for them when really what would work for them is just sifting through some of the garbage that is clearly out there in the IM or 'make money online' field to instead learn from some of the real gems in the business - and by gems, I mean those who would rather teach you to fish than just keep selling you the fish each year, year after year. It also doesn't help an organization's rep when their members continuously spit venom at the poster in the comments section for offering up her opinion; if it is such a great thing then surely it should speak for itself and the members should not feel the compulsion to attack so ferociously. Admittedly, some offered reasoned rebuttals to Lissie, but too many were just there on the warpath which had me wondering about what were they defending other than their affiliate sales?

I have come to learn that anything that you need to do to be successful online can be done for a lot less than $300 per site. Heck, for less than a third of that you could probably have a number of sites up and running and self hosted and properly marketed by following free advice that is out there. Seriously, you don't need to be putting that kind of money up when you are still getting your feet wet!

You can ask me if I have made lots and lots of money online to date and I would honestly answer you: no, I have not. But - and this is a bigee: I have definitely made more than I have spent so far, and I know what needs to be done - even if too often I have just been a wee bit lazy in the doing. What's that saying? The mind is willing but the flesh is weak...

Next time I will get back to my original intent, and share some tips about how to save money online - or to be more precise, how to save some money on filing fees if you have chosen to file your taxes online.

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