Same name, new goal - to save you money online!

I'm just going to come right out and say it: whether it was my intention or not, I have pretty much abandoned this blog. I started this blog just over a year ago and after a few months of enthusiastic posting I pretty much lost interest in it - or to be more precise, I lost interest in publicly discussing the subject of this blog. Really, if you are at all serious about learning how to make money online, then i would just suggest you check out a very informative (read useful) website created by a fellow who goes by the name of grizzly. Seriously, his site will impress you with its matter of fact approach to making money. With the likes of Grizz and so many others out there blogging on the subject, I just didn't feel like swimming in those crowded waters - my amateur voice wasn't needed.

However, I thought about it and decided that instead of just giving up on this blog and starting over I would instead make use of it and give it another shot. But if I lost interest in the subject matter then why would I use this blog anymore? What has changed this time around is the nature of the online opportunities that I want to discuss; instead of looking at strictly money-making and marketing issues, I instead want to discuss online opportunities of another kind. I want to look at things that I have come across in the last while that might help someone else to save money on the web. Things that come to mind are such things as how to save money while booking travel online, how to make your kitchen appliances such as your trusty (Rival crock pot) last longer with the timely use of replacement parts (Rival crock pot parts in the case of the crock), and things like that.

I might not post frequently (its just not usually in my nature) but I will try to post regularly. Well, at least we will see...

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Amanda Mathew said...

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