Need Referrals for your GPT or PTC DOWN LINES? Get Ref!

We have all been there.

You have just joined this really neat web site's program and are hoping to make a real go of it. Your efforts seem to be paying off, but you know that if you could just get a few people to join under you as your referrals and see your own down line start to develop, things could really take off! Maybe you tried promoting the program on your own but haven't really gotten anywhere with your efforts? Now you are feeling just a little bit frustrated and wondering 'what next?'

Well your next step should be to head on over to and start promoting the heck out of your program and start building your down line!

If you need quality referrals, you need GetRef.

So why this Getref review?

I stumbled upon GetRef a few months ago and I haven't looked back. Getref is free to join and I would advise you to start out by signing up and giving the site a good look over. One of the first things you will notice is that the homepage menu gives you a number of choices to click on; I recommend clicking on the "earn" button to get right to the heart of this site. From here, you can choose between checking out (A) the list of programs which you can join under someone else for Getref site 'credits', (B) checking out the list of referral links being promoted by fellow getref members that you can click on for credits, or (C) checking out how you can earn credits by referring others to the getref web site.

You will soon see that A LOT of different programs are included in this site's listings.
The sheer number of programs available could have been somewhat overwhelming, however this has been avoided by some basic - yet effective categorization.

Members also have the option of greatly improving their site credit earnings by purchasing a premium or 'gold' membership. Unlike many other sites, here you are given the option (should you so choose) of paying for only a one month membership with no future obligation to maintain it. Of course you can also purchase upto a year's membership as well. Members also have the option of buying site credits which they can use to promote their preferred programs and gain new referrals.

It has a members forum that is a good place to go to find answers to many questions new members might have about the site and to also get some good advice about how to go about maximizing your referring efforts while on the site.

Of course no website is perfect, and this includes Getref. A common complaint that I've noticed in the forums is the fact that some people seem to be trying to claim credits from other members for claiming to have signed up under them in their programs without actually properly completing the sign-up. However this issue can be largely avoided by just making sure that you offer a reasonable amount of credits for completing an offer in the first place. There are some checks in place that make it easier to block these would be scammers
once you earn a higher ranking for promoting your programs through the site, such as having the ability to screen potential new referrals based on their earnings ranking.

So, there you have it. It might sometimes seem like it's a dog eat dog world in the on-line domain of finding new referrals, but now GetRef is there to throw you a bone.

Good doggy...

To visit the GetRef website and start seeing for yourself what it's all about, just click HERE.

BTW, if you do decide to sign-up through my link and would like some helpful tips or advice on how to navigate your way around the GETREF site, please feel free to message me through the onsite messaging service they have there (remember it is located to the upper right of the member's homepage)!

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